The Junior Study Tour is a program sponsored by the Okinawa Prefecture Government to provide Okinawan as well as overseas students with learning experiences regarding history, culture, and Okinawan natural environment, and to promote better understanding of Okinawa among young students who will contribute to advancement of Okinawan society of next generation through the Uchina network.

The Junior Study Tour takes place during the summer and consists of one week homestay, one week sponsored activies such as visits to Okinawan historical sites, traditional crafts, performing arts, studying indigenous  plant and animal life, and touring government buildings. Uchinanchu youths from various countries around the world are joined by local Okinawa students during the tour.

Candidates must be of Okinawan descent, between the ages of 13-18, be in good health and be nomiated by their Okinawan Kenjinkai.

Okinawa Kai members will be notified when the information for application is released by the Okinawa Prefecture Government. The Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C. Executive Board selects the nominee and submits the application to the Okinawa Prefecture Government. The final selection is made by the Okinawa Prefecture Government.

The Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C. is proud and honored to have so many of its’ young members selected for this program over the past years.

Letters from 2012 participants:

Past Participants (Okinawa Kai members):

  • Sean Akira Hewitt (2016)
  • Nestor Folta (Youth Leader 2015)
  • Yui Clifford (2014)
  • Naomi Folta (2012)
  • Nestor Folta (2012)
  • Naomi Makishi (2009)
  • McKenna Easely (2006)
  • Asuka Boucher (2002)
  • Robert James Funches (2001)