If you have questions about membership, please contact us at: okinawakai@okinawakai.org

The Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  Membership to the Okinawa Kai of Washington, D.C. is open to all individuals, corporations or organizations dedicated to increasing the understanding of the Okinawan culture.

Though we do not have a formal office, our Kai remains strong and active in the D.C. area.  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

To become a member, please fill out an online membership form:

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If you prefer to print & mail your membership dues, download the form here: 2024 Membership Form

– Individual Membership (個人会費): $20*
– Family Membership (家族会費): $30*


As of 2015, the Okinawa Kai of Washington, D.C. will initiate a new lifetime FREE “Kariyushi” membership for members who are 80 years old and over.

*A decision was made at the 2012 Annual General Meeting to raise the Okinawa Kai membership fees, based on various facts, such as higher postages and rental costs. Thank you very much for your understanding and support.  年次総会で, 切手代をはじめ場所の借り賃等の値上げなどが理由で沖縄会会費を下記の通りに上げることに決定しました。理解の上皆様のご協力をおねがいします。

Donations: The Kai greatly accepts monetary donations to assist in our cultural goals.  All donations are tax deductible.

– Member rates to all functions
– Receive quarterly newsletter, the Deigo Shinpo
– Education Fund
– Special interest groups
– Plan special events
– Hold office
– Notices on special programs (i.e. Junior Study Program, Home Stay Program, Scholarship etc.)

年度 ワシントンDC沖縄会入会の施策(ポリシー)
Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C. Enrollment Policy

  1. 沖縄会では恒例行事(新春会・秋のピクニック)の他、「世界のウチナンチュの日」等のイベントを催しています。又、沖縄会のパフォーマンスグループはDC界隈のイベントに出演して沖縄の文化紹介に務めております。それらのイベントでは、会員達の活躍の様子を写真やビデオなどに撮っております。このように公共の場で撮られた写真や映像は、当会の会報やフェイスブック、インスタグラム等に掲載する場合がある点、ご了承ください。
    The Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C does not require its members to sign any sort of acceptance form or waiver of liability when attending its events. In light of this fact, a member’s participation at a public event specifically promoted by Okinawa Kai will constitute the members acceptance that their picture or video may be taken by any Okinawa Kai member and published to social media such as Okinawa Kai newsletter, Okinawa Kai Facebook, and Instagram. The Okinawa Kai will only place appropriate photos or videos from our functions and will accept no liability of their use
  2. 沖縄会は、会費と寄付、及びボランティアの作業で運営されています。年間費は、個人会員20ドル、家族会員30ドル、“かりゆしメンバー”(毎年1月1日付けで満80歳になられた方)は無料会員、になります。かりゆしメンバーの配偶者が80歳未満の場合は、個人会員として20ドルの会費を納めてください。
    The Okinawa Kai is operated by membership fees, contributions and volunteers. The annual membership fees are; $20 for single, $30 for family, and free for a person who is 80 years old (he/she turned 80 by January 1st, 2020) and above (Kariyushi member). Please send the membership application form to the treasurer even though you become a Kariyushi member and do not need to pay a fee. If a spouse of Kariyushi member is under 80, he/she must pay a single membership fee ($20).
  3. 同じ家に親、子、孫の3世代が同居していても、子供を持つ親、または結婚している子は、独立して家族会員登録をする必要があります。
    You need to send a separate family membership form when your married child or adult child share the same households.

Membership Directory (会員名簿について):

  1. 沖縄会は毎年、会員名簿を作成しています。会員名簿は会員同士の親睦を目的として作成しますが、掲載希望者のみの個人情報(氏名、州名と市町村名、電話番号、Eメールアドレス、旧姓、出身地)が記載されます。掲載を希望されない方には名簿は配布されませんのでご了承ください。又、急な連絡事項が生じ、ボランティアが直接連絡を行う場合、お知らせが届かない可能性もありますのでご理解ください。子供の情報は掲載されません。
    Okinawa Kai publish the membership directory every year. The purpose of the directory is to get to know each other and it will list your name, state and town/city, phone number, Email address, maiden name and hometown with your preference. Please understand you will not receive the membership directory if you prefer not be listed in it. It is possible you may not receive some notifications since volunteers use the directory to contact members.
    *Children’s info will NOT be listed in the directory.

*By becoming a member of Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C., you agree to the Enrollment Policy above.
会員登録をすることにより、ワシントン DC沖縄会入会の施策(ポリシー)に同意することになります旨、ご了承ください。